Kitchen Safety – Keeping Your Stovetops and Oven Clean

Everyone’s home has a central point where everyone gathers to talk about his or her day. In most homes it is the kitchen that serves this purpose. It is where you cook your meals and eat together as a family. Guests will often visit in the kitchen as you prepare food for their enjoyment during the visit. The kitchen is also the place where more household accidents and fires occur. Every homeowner should be aware of the importance of kitchen safety samsung stove and oven repair pasadena.

Some homeowners will overlook the cleaning of the appliances in their kitchen. They will cover dirty burners and appliances with covers to make them appear clean instead of actually cleaning them. This allows crumbs of food and grease to build up on the appliances and cause a major problem. Some people simply hate the thought of cleaning the oven and put it off as long as possible. The topic of kitchen safety is usually not on these homeowner’s minds. The biggest cause of kitchen fires is food that has spilled onto the burner or oven surface. These spills can quickly ignite and cause a major fire. If there is grease spills on the floor people can slip and fall and suffer a serious injury. Food that is left on countertops can be a source of bacteria that will make you sick. If you have small children it is very important that you keep your floor as clean as possible. Little children will often put everything they find on the floor into their mouths. The cleanliness of your kitchen is more about safety than just presenting a clean home to your guests.

Keeping a list of the chores that must be accomplished is a great way to make sure that they are completed. This writing down of each and every chore can help make the chores become a habit instead of something that must be thought about and remembered. Your sinks and counters should be wiped down daily if not more often. You should make it a habit to wipe down the counter every time it is used. Spills should be wiped up immediately after they occur. Your cutting board should be thoroughly washed every single time you use it. And you should wash down your kitchen with a good degreaser cleaner at least once a week. Make sure you don’t forget the range hood and your garbage cans as part of the weekly cleaning. If appliances are kept on the countertop they should be washed down every week also. Everyone in your home should be taught the importance of these chores and encouraged to help with the cleaning.

A good effective oven cleaner can make the chore of oven cleaning a little easier. Which is the best oven cleaner you can buy? Well, look for one that does not require an overnight soak. The oven cleaners that are available today are much less toxic than they were years ago. The newer cleaners also will not run and create a bigger mess like the ones that we used a few years ago. Now the cleaners will stay in the places you sprayed them and thoroughly soak into the grime and built up grease. You should wipe off as much of the dried loose food before you apply the cleaner. Let it set for the amount of time that is on the instructions. The product should soften dried on food so that it will easily wipe off when the cleaner has thoroughly soaked in. If you find that some of the burned on food will not clean up you should check with the instructions from your stove’s manufacturer for what type of abrasive you can use on the oven. You might find that you have left the oven cleaner soaking for too long and it has now dried up. You can fix this problem by laying a damp rag over the cleaner and it should soften up the cleaner.

There are also products available that will help keep food from sticking to the surface of your cooking appliances. This will help keep the appliances from becoming too dirty to clean. Most of these products will require you to spray them on after the oven and stove is completely clean. You should make sure that this type of product could be safely used on your appliances.

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